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3 point hitch rear mount PTO driven SNOW BLOWER

Submitted by on December 28, 2009 – 9:01 am

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3 point hitch rear mount PTO driven SNOW BLOWER Picture and Description:

You are bidding on a 3 pint hitch, rear mount, PTO driven SNOW BLOWER.that will well on almost any size tractor from 22 hp to 60 hp. The snow blowers easily mount on the rear of the tractor and work off the PTO ( 540 or 720 ) of the tractor. The tractor mounted snow blower is the right choice for driveways, parking lots, door ways, loading docks, or any area you need to clear the SNOW You will be astonished with the easy maneuverability in tight spaces and maximum performance. You will also be pleased with the easy hook up and dismount. The tractor in the picture is a 254 SMART TRAC if you buy the SNOW BLOWER we will offer the tractor for 7200 or sell complete package for 8800, the tractor has power steering, 2 stage clutch, Live 2 speed PTO, Canopy Top, ROPS system, one piece flip up hood, cluster guages and many other options as een on www.smithsenterprise.com Blowing width 62" 4 blade unit PTO gear drive model # PX160 blowing height 22 Rotar Auger Diameter 15 Fan Diameter 18 " Power Required 22 to 60 hp tractor structual weight 820 lbs No hydrolics required to operate Available colors RED We do stock Green usually but are out of stock on Green for now We buy theese units direct form the factory as we do all our agriculture products including tractors and implements. WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD yOU CAN GO TO WWW.SMITHSENTERPRISE.COM TO GET INFORMATION ANAD PRICES ON ALL OUR PRODUCTS. WE NOW HAVE A 22 HP 3 CYLINDER DIESEL new WITH warranty TRACTOR FOR 5995.00 25 HP 4x4 with all options for 7488 35 hp 4x4 for 8488 45 hp 4x4 for 9488 and 55 hp 4x4 for 10,880 This is 500 to 1200 off our normal low prices and when you purchase a tractor you get 10% off any l.oader or implement. We sotkc Koyker, Ansung, Spirit and Jinma loaders, Koyker, Woods, Ansung and Jinma backhoes. As you can see on www.smithsenterprise.com we sell almost all major brands of implements. WE GIVE 90 DAY FREE EXCHANGE ON TRACTORS AND SELL TYM WITH A 5 YEAR WARRANTY. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR SMART TRAC OUR IMPORTED BRAND FOR A DIFFERENT SIZE OR EVEN FOR A TYM WITH THE 5 YEAR WARRANTY AND FEATURING THE CAT ENGINES. WE HAVE A FEW TYM SPECIALS NOW 27 HP 4X4 HYDROSTATIC DRIVE ( AUTOMATIC H WITH SELF LEVELING LOADER OR 23 HP HYDROSTATIC DRIVE (AUTOMATIC) WITH SELF LEVELING LOADER AND BELLY MOWER YOUR CHOICE FOR 12,800 ALL WITH A 5 YEAR WARRANTY 60 HP CAT ENGINE CAIBN TRACTOR WITH HEAT, A/C, STEREO AND SELF LEVELING LOADER FOR 28,800 WE WILL BEAT ANY DEAL OFFER DELIVERY FIRST 50 MILES FREE AND 90 DAY FREE EXCHANGE ON SMART TRAC BRAND HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH US. CHECK OUT WWW.SMITHSENTERPRISE.COM FOR THE TESTIMONIES OF OUR CUSTOMERS. YOU CAN CALL 910-385-8442 OR EMAIL ME SMITHSENT@GMAIL.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION THANKS FOR LOOKING AT OUR ITEM AND MAY GOD BLES YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

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