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Gravely snowblower attachment — 4-bolt (best kind)

Submitted by on August 9, 2011 – 7:54 am

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Gravely snowblower attachment — 4-bolt (best kind) Picture and Description:

This is my Gravely MA-210 snow blower attachment. It's a 2-stage blower that absolutely devours snow, when paired with your Gravely 2-wheel tractor (this one is too narrow for a rider). I've had three different Gravely snowblowers during my Gravely hobby days, and when I stopped tinkering with them, this is the one I kept. The MA-210 with the four-bolt attachment takes a few minutes longer to put on than the similar model with the Quick Hitch, but with practice that's literally like a 10 minute difference in time. 15 at the outside. And what do you get in exchange for that time? It's a little narrower and easier to manouver between cars and through fence gates and the like. It bores through drifts that much easier because it's tackling less. It attaches to the tractor with a much more "positive" connection (the quick hitch lets the blower flop around a bit, and it doesn't feel as good). And most importantly, this has a far superior chute control. The chute control on the 4-bolt uses a chain and sprocket arrangement, rather than a cable arrangement like the quick hitch model. The chain and sprocket rotates the chute much more easily and reliably than the cable setup, which tends to destroy the rubber couplings in short order. Yes, you have to bolt it on and then clamp the crank support to the left handlebar. But if you've tried both, you know this is the better setup! Anyway, so this is my blower attachment. It's probably as old as me, but it works great, and I have no reason to believe it couldn't give another 20 years of service. Yes it's August, but do you remember how much snow we got last winter? I do! And this thing kept me ahead of it all! Also comes with the snow tires stacked up behind it, the four bolts on top of it and a pile of tire chains I haven't actually used in years (the snow tires were sufficient). Skids are in great shape, and I installed them myself 7-8 years ago. You can't see them in the photo, but they bolt up behind the reel housing and are made of thick bar stock -- shaped to hold the blower up during installation, as well as to properly skid the blower during use. I'm moving, and thus giving up my Gravely thing for good. If you bid and win, you need to be prepared to pick this up before 8/17 -- I can't hold it after that. You'll need a pickup or trailer to carry this away. Thanks for bidding!

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