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Honda HS35 Snowblower – Used

Submitted by on October 5, 2009 – 3:10 pm

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Honda HS35 Snowblower – Used Picture and Description:

Honda HS35 Snowblower This unit still starts on the first or second pull if it has a good spark plug and will clear small to medium semi-level driveways with ease. The engine is quiet and still runs smoothly. It's probably due for a professional tune-up, and does need a new set of rubber paddles which I've seen online for about $40. The chute handle has a slight bend to it but still operates smoothly. The design on this thing is ingenious. Just compare it to the typical 2-stage. The controls are centrally located and can be operated with gloves or mittens. No sharp edges or corners sticking out so storage is easy. The oil well is located such that you can simply tip the machine back on the handle to pour out the oil. The gas cap is up high at the center and won't leak when you tip it back. They even design the fuel tank to be more like a chimney shape instead of the flat top so you are less likely to overpour. The real advantage to this unit is the ability to store it in the back of a 2 car garage and still be able to get it out without having to pull a car out in the snow. It also doesn't hurt that my wife is comfortable using it. Despite its clever design, however, I've cleared enough driveways now that I've decided to treat myself to a bigger unit this year. Never has a piece of yard equipment created such an emotional attachment but I'm gonna miss this little snowblower. It just doesn't make sense to have two .

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