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Snow Blower PTO powered for your Compact Tractor

Submitted by on May 19, 2010 – 7:55 pm

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Snow Blower PTO powered for your Compact Tractor Picture and Description:

Shovel, Shovel, Toil & Trouble Yes, next winter the weather will provide you with more snow to shovel, scrape, or melt. With this PTO powered two stage snow blower attached to your tractor you can clear a 5 foot wide path through the cold, white drifts and throw the snow as far as 20 feet with the directonal shoot! This Van Eyl snow thrower was made in Canada and runs very well when attached to the PTO shaft and 3 point hitch of a compact tractor or farm tractor. I do not know the age of the machine. I have owned it about 5 years and have used it successfully on a long, stone covered driveway. The "business end" of this heavy duty machine is 60 inches wide and 24 inches tall. The shoot that directs the thrown snow is 12 inches in diameter and can be turned from side to side through about 180 degrees by turning the hand crank that is visible in one of the pictures. The "worm" or auger across the opening is chain driven and the "fan" in the center is run by the gears connected to the PTO shaft. There are adjustable skids on each side of the snow blower so the height can be set for gravel driveways or macadam/concrete surfaced areas. There is a reinforcing bar across the bottom of the opening to prevent early wear to the machine's lower edge. All shields that were provided with the machine are in place and appropriate warning notices are in place. There is some surface rust on the body of the snow blower as well as on the moving parts like the auger and the fan. That rusting is visible in the pictures, but the metal parts are not seriously degraded. The bearings for the turning parts appear to be sealed. The gearbox is filled with an appropriate gear oil. The drive chain is oiled, but does show some rust. To operate this snow blower the tractor that powers it is driven backwards. That is why I am selling it. I can no longer drive in the position required to operate the snow blower. It works very well, but I don't! PLEASE NOTE: (1) No warranty is offered, expressed, or implied regarding the ability of this snow blower to work as you have in mind for it. I will demonstrate it in operation on my tractor, but I won't have any snow to throw! (2) The tractor seen in the pictures is NOT part of this auction. (3) This machine has several exposed moving parts that can cause injury or death. It should only be used by those who are willing to accept responsibility for operating it carefully and safely. (4) Children should not be near this machine when it is in operation. (5) Solid objects and/or stones can jam the machine or be thrown by the rotating parts of the snow blower. (6) Care must be used when directing the snow shoot. Aviod hitting people, vehicles, and houses with the flying snow. After seeing the machine in operation you have the option of completing the transaction or refusing to buy the snow blower. The snow blower must be picked up at my location near Schuylkill Haven, PA. I will be glad to help load the snow blower on your truck or trailer. PayPal may not be the best way to purchase this machine if you would like to see it in operation before deciding on completing the purchase. Ask any questions regarding and bid with confidence. Enjoy the auction! Bid early & Bid often! (1) Zip code 17972

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